Intraclasts - Contain Ooids (Int/16/Hol)

5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Intraclasts, ooids and feldspars
Folk Classification Feldspathic oolitic intramicrite
Dunham Classification Feldspathic oolitic intraclastic wackestone
Common Grains Intraclasts, ooids and feldspars
Sorting Poor to moderate
Rounding Some rounding
Micritization & envelopes Common of most of the grains
Cement & diagenetic fabric Micrite binds the grains
Porosity Not applicable
Depositional Setting Beach along the margin of Great Salt Lake
Diagenetic history Cementation by micrite

Intraclasts, ooids and feldspars collect along the beachs of the margin of Great Salt Lake and are locally cemented by micrite that binds the constituent grains.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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