Evaporites and Aeolian

Khusaifa East Khor al Bazam Dhabiya & Abu Dhabi Qanatir Facies Extreme East Khor al Bazam Khor al Bazam Qanatir Area West end Khor al Bazam Mats Cyanobacterial Mats Location Mats & Evaporites Qanatir Mats East of Qanatir Mats West of Qanatir Mat Close to Qanatir Lone Mangrive Qanatir Hardground Polygons Qanatir Hardground Polygons Qanatir Hardground Polygon Qanatir Hardground Tepee Qanatir Hardground Qanatir Hardground Polygons Mats prograding over Tepeed Hardgounds Qanatir small Cerithid Gastropod colonies lower middle intertidal Qanatir small Cerithid Gastropod colonies feed off algal mats lower middle intertidal Qanatir Spit ridge of Cerithid Gastropod & algal mats Qanatir Cerithid Gastropod death assemblage Qanatir Cerithid Gastropod shoal & beach rock Qanatir Dry algal mats, lone mangrove Cinder Zone surface Qanatir Cinder Zone surface Qanatir Cyanobacteria Polygons Qanatir Creeks in Polygonal Mat Zone Megapolygonal mats in creek Megapolygonal mat peat Polygonal Zone Megapolygon Peat Polygonal mats Polygonal mat Zone Transition from polygons to crinkled mats Crinkled Mat & Section Qanatir Polygonal Alga Mats Qanati Polygonal Algal Mats (soft & smell of H2S Qanatir Polygonal Algal Mats Transition to Crinkles Crinkles over gypsum mush Anhydrite Polygons Anhydrite PolygonsPolygons Gypsum to Anydrite over peat Anydrite after Gypsum Peat Qanatir Upper intertidal lower supratidal thin Algal mat & Gypsum Qanatir Uppe intertidal lower supratidal typical section thin Algal Mat & Gypsum Qanatir Gypsum mush over mat & hard ground base Qanatir Coastal Sabkha middle supratidal sequence Qanatir Anhydrite at surface of coastal sabkha Qantatir Dessication cracks in mid supratidal Halite layer AlDabaiya Halite Polygons Halite Saucers Halite Crust Halite Hopper Crystals Halite Hopper Crystals Core Anhydite Diapir This is photograph is of the anhydrite layer and nodules (white material that looks like cream cheese) in a matrix of storm washover and outwash (brown sediment). This layer just above the marine water table and cyanobacterial peats and below the surface halite crusts. Note the vertical tubes (filled with the brown sediment) penetrating the anhydrite nodules and layers. These tubes have smooth curvillinar walls that appear to have been produced by small beatles. Kinsman reported similar features elsewhere in the anhydrites of the sabkhas just south of Abu Dhabi Island. Neat stuff Anhydrite Gastropod Core of Gypsum & Algal Peat Cyanobacteria Peat Microtome Beach Ridge Block Diagram Beach Ridge Cerithid Beach Ridge Douglas Shearman Landward ofBeachridges Anhydrite Saucers Anhydrite Landward of Beachridge Anhydrite inverting to gypsum Anhydrite inverts to gypsum Gypsum after anhydrite Gypsum Crystal Pleistocene Miliolite Evans Scale Stokes deflation Surface of Pleistoncene Aeolianite Aeoliian Pleistocene 0verlain by Marine Dhabaiya Barchan Dunes South of Abu Dhabi Sabkha Barchan Dunes South of Abu Dhabi Sabkha Barchan Dunes Al Ain Barchan Dunes Al Ain Barchan Dunes Liwa (GPButlerPhoto

Abu Dhabi Western UAE evaporites and Aeolian Sediments
This gallery of photographs, maps and diagrams is focused on the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) sabkha flats and aeolian sediments. It is linked to a guide to the Holocene shallow water carbonate and supratidal evaporite tract that lines the southern coastal embayment of the Arabian (Persian) Gulf. Focused on landward supratidal gypsum and anhydrite rich flats, the sabkha.  Landward are aeolian sediments that are calcareous close to the shore but become rich in silica landward and southwards. As with similar sedimentary sequences from the geological section in the subsurface of the Arabian Gulf, and elsewhere in the geological record, the sediments of this coastal region pass landward into a continental facies and seaward into a basinal facies.
Monday, June 23, 2014
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