Appalachian Mts - Late Paleozoic

Late Paleozoic  geology of the Appalachian Mountains

The pages that follow provide a photographic record from field trips by USC Geological Science undergraduates and graduate students examining the geology of the Appalachian Mountains. Links are made to the outcrops exposing the sedimentary record that accumulated here in the Paleozoic from the Cambrian through Devonian. Most of these outcrops occur along I 26 interstate exposures from South Carolina through Ashville, NC, Johnson City, TN, to Kingsport, TN, which then becomes Rt 23 as a two lane highway cuts through Big Stone Gap, Norton, Wise, Pound, VA, Jenkins to Pikeville, KY, and extends north through Ashland KY. Here the AA Highway winds through Kentucky close to the Ohio River to Cincinnati, Ohio. The Image galleries below contain photographs that only partially capture the character of the magnificent road cuts that extend along these highways.

Image Gallery

The galleries of the photographs for the various outcrops can be viewed by clicking on the rollover buttons so images that list localities along I 26 NC and Tennessee, I 75, Tennessee, I 64 in Kentucky, Rt 9 (AA Hwy), Rt 801, Rt 519 and Rt 23 in Kentucky and Virginia. Maps locate the galleries on their appropriate pages.

NE Kentucky Geological Map Kentucky Geological Section - Schumacher Blank for measured section
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