Tepee Structures

Tepee Structures from around the world


This Gallery is divided into two parts.  The first gallery of diagrams and photographs are largely tied to Holocene examples of Tepees and the second to ancient examples.  Most of the images and diagrams were created by Christopher Kendall. Some diagrams and photographs have been copied from others, including Nasa, it is intended that these be ascribed to their authors. Your are referred to the following references to help with the page.

References on Tepees

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l97l Assereto, Riccardo L., and C.G.St.C.Kendall, Megapolygons in Ladinian limestones of Triassic of Southern Alps: evidence of deformation by penecontemperaneous desiccation and cementation: J. Sediment Petrol., v. 4l, p. 7l5 723.

Monday, October 28, 2013
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