Flute and Load Casts

Deepwater Sedimentary Structures - Flute and Load Casts

This is the third gallery of sedimentary structures of deepwater systems and includes outcrops of the Ordovician, Devonian and Mississippian of the Appalachians and the Upper Carboniferous of the Shannon basin in Co Clare in Ireland.

This section focuses on sedimentary structures found within and on submarine fans, the channels that feed them and the adjacent basin. These include flute casts, prod and other tool marks, eroded grooves and gutters (some from within storm wave base and the probable products of “tempests”, and the load casts from the dewatering of sediment weighted down by the arrival of a downslope transport event.

Unless otherwise stated many of the photographs below are from Christopher Kendall and Peter Haughton. A number of the images have been grabbed from the web, placed there by generous geologists and utilized with acknowledgement to them where data is available on the photographer. If we missed acknowledgement to you or you have something better you would prefer placed here, please let us know.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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