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Book Reviews & Papers | Appalachian | Arabian Gulf & Permian Basin | Basin Analysis | Book Cliffs Papers | Deepwater Sequence Stratigraphy | Carbonates & Sea Level | Guarico Sub Basin & Well Logs | Holocene Carbonates Bibliography | Holocene Carbonates | Ichnology & Bed Surfaces | Libya | Mallorca Sequences | Measuring Eustasy | Permian West Texas Papers | Sequence Stratigraphy | Sequence Stratigraphy Texts | Simulating Basin Fill Papers | Computer Modeling of Stratigraphy |
List of books reviewed and submitted to SEG for the Leading Edge "Book Review" section. Also links to .pdf files on the highlighted topics.

Carbonates | Carbonate Classifications | Carbonate Particle Image Gallery | Diagenesis & Porosity | Carbonate Facies | Carbonate Porosity | Carbonate Petrography Exercises | Evolution of Carbonate Sequences | Carbonate Sequence Stratigraphy | Carbonate Hydrocarbon Plays | Tectonic Controls on Evaporites | Carbonate Glossary | Carbonate Links & Petrology Resources | Peritidal Tepees World Wide Occurrence |
Introduction to carbonate petrology with discussions of classifications, facies, photomicrographs, and exercises related to thin sections of carbonate Rocks, etc.

Carbonate Petrology | Thin Section Catalog & Exercises | Carbonate Particle Image Gallery | Chemical Grains & CaCO3 Mineralogy | Chert & Chertification | Dolomite & Dolomitization | Intraclasts | Micrite & Micritization | Neomorphism, Diagenesis & Cements | Ooids | Pellets & Peloids | Pisolites & Oncoids | Skeletal Grains |
Examples of carbonatephotomicrographs of chemical grains, chert, dolomites, intraclasts, micrite, dagenesis, ooid, pelloids, pisolites and skeletal grains.

Contributed Projects | Appalachian Field Trips | Appalachian Mts of Virginia | Arabian and Permian Basins | Carbonate Petrology | Deepwater Depositional Systems | Depositional Systems | Earth Satellite | Heron Reef and Low Isles Reef | Istvan Csato Projects | Libyan Petroleum Basins | Mallorca | Peach Tree Rock | Turks and Caicos | UAE General |
Student and other projects related to sequence stratigraphy and a variety of other geological projects highlighted and linked above.

Deepwater Systems | Deepwater Sequence Stratigraphy | Deepwater Source & Settings | Deepwater Sediments | Deepwater Sedimentary Structures | Deepwater Sedimentary Architecture | Deepwater Gallery - Clare Basin | Clare Basin Stratigraphy | Clare Shales Co Clare - Kerry | Ross Fm Co Clare - Kerry | Gull Island Co Clare | Central Clare Group Co Clare | Students - Deepwater Sediments | Deepwater - Exercises | Deepwater - History of Study |
Introduction to the world of deepwater sequence stratigraphy illustrated by a virtual field trip of the clastic deepwater sediments of the Ross Formation of Co Clare.

Depositional Analogues | Abu Dhabi Holocene | Appalachian Sediments | Bahamas Holocene | Belize Holocene | Canning Basin | Carpentaria Holocene | Eniwetok | Florida Holocene | Great Barrier Reef | Heron Reef and Low Isles Reef | Hook Head Paleozoic Outcrops in Co Wexford Ireland | Mallorca Late Miocene Reef | Moroccan Jurassic & Devonian | Okefenokee Swamp Peat | Peach Tree Rock Eocene | Permian Basin - West Texas & New Mexico | Ross Formation of Co Clare Ireland | Peritidal Tepees World Wide Occurrence | Turks and Caicos |
Examples of virtual field trips that visit both carbonate and carbonate depositional settings from all over the world.

Student generated write ups on general carbonate and clastic depositional settings.

History of Stratigraphy | Significant Dates | Development of Stratigraphy | Origin of Geologic Periods | Plate Tectonics | Sedimentary Depositional Systems | Peter Vail and Eustasy | History Links | Sequence Stratigraphy References |
A personal view of how stratigraphy has developed.

Exercise Modules | Introduction to Sequence Stratigraphy | Sequence Stratigraphy Basics | Clastic Basin | Mixed Clastic & Carbonate Basin | Carbonate Sequences | Deepwater Sequences | Chronostratigraphic Exercise | Sedimentary Outcrops | Mallorca - Carbonate Outcrops | Book Cliffs - Clastic Outcrops | Well Logs | Clastic Wells - Guarico Basin | Carbonate Wells - Hanifa | Carbonate Wells - Permian Basin Margin | Carbonate Wells - Hypothetical | Seismic Stratigraphy Introduction | Seismic Synthetic Tie - Williston | S. Africa - Seismic | NPRA - Seismic | Bahamas - Seismic | Exercise Print Outs |
Descriptive sections introducing sequence stratigraphy and exercises that involve seismic, well logs and outcrops.

Image Gallery | Appalachian Paleozoic's | Bahamas Holocene | Belize Holocene | Canning Basin | Carbonate Diagenesis | Carbonate Porosity | Carpentaria Holocene | Earth Satellite | Eniwetok | Florida Holocene | Great Barrier Reef | Heron Reef and Low Isles Reef | Hook Head Paleozoic Outcrops in Co Wexford Ireland | Mallorca Late Miocene Reef | Moroccan Jurassic & Devonian | Okefenokee Swamp Peat | Peach Tree Rock Eocene | Permian Basin - West Texas & New Mexico | Ross Formation of Co Clare Ireland | Peritidal Tepees World Wide Occurrence | Turks and Caicos | UAE Holocene |
Eclectic library of images largely digitized from a collection of photographs taken at many localities over the years for use in lectures.

Links | Sequence Stratigraphy Links & Resources | General Geology & Miscellaneous Links | Carbonate Links & Other Petrology Resources |
Links that may lead to neat and unexpected discoveries for the enquiring geologic mind.

Movies and Animations | Animated Gif Files | Sequence Stratigraphy Movies | Sequence Stratigraphy SedPak Movies | SedPakDownload |
Movies created to introduce the concepts of sequence stratigraphy.

Power Point Lectures | Architectural Elements  | Basics of Sequence Stratigraphy | Sequence Stratigraphy as a Template | Sequence Stratigraphic Surfaces | Eustasy and Sea Level Change | Eustasy and Collisions from Outer Space | Well Logs and Seismic - Tools for Subsurface Analysis | Clastic sediment Hierarchies & Eustasy | Carbonate Sediment Hierarchies & Eustasy | Carbonate Storm Deposits and HST Surfaces of Condensation | Evaporites, Plate Tectonics and Sequence Stratigraphy | Lacustrian, Glacial, Aeolian System | Introduction to Sedpak | Role of Lime Muds in the Stratigraphic Section | Process Modeling of Sedimentology of Carbonates | Sedimentary Structures Compendium | Ichnology & Ichnofacies; Tools in Stratigraphic Interpretation | Carbonate Particles - Extensive Introduction | Carbonates - Brief Overview | Carbonate - Depositional Systems Reviewed | Carbonates - Diagenetic Behavior | Bahamas - Holocene Carbonates | Shark Bay - Holocene Carbonates | UAE - Holocene Carbonates & Evaporites | UAE - Geomorphology of Coast | Trucial States to UAE- A Retrospective from 1962 | Jurassic Deepwater Sediments High Atlas Basin - Morocco | Permian Basin - New Mexico & Texas | Geologic History of Appalachian | Arabian Gulf Holocene Cyanobacterial Mats & Lime Muds: Source Rock Potential | Arabian Gulf Petroleum | Giant Oil Field Evaporite Association | World Source Rock Potential Thru' Geological Time | Csato on Petroleum Geology |
Overcomplex canned lectures introducing the concepts of sequence and sedimentary stratigraphy.

Descriptive sections introducing sequence stratigraphy and its use with seismic, well logs and outcrops.

Streaming Lectures on Sequence Stratigraphy
On line lectures introducing sequence stratigraphic concepts and their use.

Terminology of sequence and sedimentary stratigraphy. See also the ongoing "Debate on the sequence stratigraphy Terminology".

World Petroleum | Petroleum Links | Fact Sheets | Petroleum Reserves and Consumption | Petroleum Basins & Petroleum Lectures |
World petroleum reserves so you understand the high prices at the petrol pumps of the world.



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