Hydrocarbon exploration

This link provides access to a series of lectures, slides and exercises compiled by Fred W. Schroeder. They are intended to serve as an introduction to the geology and geophysics applied in hydrocarbon exploration. This site is provided courtesy of ExxonMobil and a list of topics links is given here:
Unit 0: Introduction
Unit 3: Types of Data
Unit 4: Well log data
Unit 5: The Seismic Method
Unit 6: Seismic Reflections
Unit 7: Well-seismic ties
Unit 8: Seismic Resolution
Unit 9: Overview of Seismic Interpretation
Unit 10: Structural Analsysi
Unit 11: Stratagraphic Analysis
Unit 11b: Seismic Facies Analysis
Unit 12: Data Analysis
Unit 13: Seismic Attributes
Unit 14: Prospect Analysis
Unit 15: Next Steps- Going beyond Exploration
Unit 16: The Prospect Game- Which prospects to drill?
Unit 17: Carbonate Lease Sale
Additionally, the AAPG Slide Vault is a

resource for members of AAPG, teachers, students and media who need visual aids for a speaking engagements or other illustrative applications.


All slides are provided by the original speaker and, in some cases, have notes or talking points and small previews of each slide. If you need a better quality for print, please contact the individual for their permission and higher resolution material.

Monday, January 26, 2015
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