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Iberian Nasa Image Miocene Reef Dist Spain and Balearics XSec Post Tectonic Mallorca Ballearic bathymetry MallorcaandMenorca Ballearic Islands Luis Pomar and Christopher Kendall Ballearic Reefs Mallorca Nasa Mallorca MrSid Field Trip Locations Llucmajor Reef Plat Llucmajor Reef Cap Blanc Llucmajor Reef Cap Blanc Section Reef Complex Mallorca Reef Simulation Mallorca Reef History Mallorca Reef History Mallorca Reef Evolution Mallorca Ses Olles Open Shelf Cap Blanc Distal Slope Cala Caril Prox Slope Cala Carril Prox Slope Coral San Pedrera Blanca - Exercise 1 Luis Pomar and Christopher Kendall Se Pedrera Blanca Se Pedrera Blanca Cala Carril Dish Coral Cap Blanc Corals Coral Morphologies Cap Blanc Platey Corals Cap Blanc Cave Cap Blanc Coral Thicket Cap Blanc Lamar Corals Els Bancals Corals Cap Blanc Massive Corals Torrent de Vallgornera Exer Vallgornera Corals Els Bancals Massive Corals Cala Carril Xbeds Punta Negra Sig Punta Negra Punta Negra Sig.jpg Cala Carril Clionoforms Cap Blanc Sigmoids Punta Negra LST Bosence Sim Mallorca Cap Blanc Chronostratigraphy Luis Pomar and Christopher Kendall Reef Components Reef Components Summary of Rates Stacking Patterns.gif Sigmoids HF Orders Lucmajor Sigmoids Sigmoids HF Interpretation Sa Pedrera Blanca Exercise Exercise HF Exercise 2 Sec Cap Blanc, Cala Carril, and Punta Negra 5th Luis Pomar and Christopher Kendall 6/23/2004 Exercise 2 Sec Cap Blanc and Sa Torre Luis Pomar and Christopher Kendall Cap Blanc Ex Cap Blanc Ex Cap Blanc Ex BW Mallorca Wells Location Map Map Of Reef Positions Water Well Cross Section Luis Pomar and Christopher Kendall 6/23/2004 X Section with wells stacking patterns Maps of topgraphy Menorca Menorca Reef Menorca Evolving Reefs Evolving Morphology

Images 1- 78    Miocene Platform Reefs of Mallorca and other Balearic Islands.

Most of the materials and images were assembled by Luis Pomar of Departament de Ciencies de la Terra, Universitat de les Illes Balears, Mallorca, Spain and colleagues he has worked with over the years. Many of the maps and diagrams presented in this gallery are from the publications linked to the page and were drafted by Luis Pomar.

Also included in the gallery are a suite of digital photographs taken by Christopher Kendall during a field trip with Luis Pomar, when Luis kindly showed him the rocks and exchanged his ideas with him!!
Tuesday, September 17, 2013
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