Carbonate Thin Sections

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Carbonate Thin Section Images and Exercises.

Thin sections microphotographs taken with a Nikon 995 digital camera mounted on a Nikon Eclipse E600 microscope equipped with crossed polarizers and an intermediate tube containing an insertable retardation plate microscope. Exposures were for around 1/132 sec with an F-Stop of 2.6 and Pixel Dimensions of 2048x1536. Magnifications were from x2.5 to x20 and scenes included those in plane light, crossed nicols and a full-wave (first order) retardation plate. All images were re-sized for speedy internet transfer. Some of the images were captured in polarized light to reveal more detail of the thin section, others were imaged with crossed polarizers and a full-wave (first order) retardation plate. This was inserted between the specimen and the analyzer in order to reveal the petrography of the thin section in contrasting colors.

Thanks to Gene Yogodzinski for access to the Nikon camera and the microscope with which Nassir Alnaji photoed these images. Dr. Christopher Kendall, Nassir Alnaji and Alda Elizabeth Kendall edited the data and constructed the form of these web pages. Joey Goings helped modify and add Christopher Kendall's exercises in carbonate petrology, whose html version was originally built by Dakillah Al-Adwani and Rolando Benitez.

Thursday, May 19, 2016
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