Grapestones Cemented by Micrite (Int/24/Pm/NMx)

2.5 wave plate
5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Grapestones and pelloids in micrite matrex
Folk Classification Intramicrite
Dunham Classification Grapestone Wackestone
Common Grains Grapestones and pelloids with micrite matrez
Sorting Poorly sorted
Rounding Local rounding of grains
Micritization & envelopes Mcritization of grapestones and pelloids
Cement & diagenetic fabric Micrite cementing and replacing grains
Porosity 1% in fractures and leached voids
Depositional Setting Low energy bank crest or lagoon
Diagenetic history Micrite compaction and then later cementation

Striking replacement of grains by micrite. Low energy sink for potentially higher energy grains. looks like a lagoon setting to me!!

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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