Radial Calcitic Ooids - Crinoid Ossicles Common - Mississippian (O/19/Miss/Ky)

2.5 cross nicols
5x cross nicol
2.5 wave plate
5x wave plate
5x wave plate
5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Radial calcitic ooids, crinoid ossicles and circumgranular cements and equant spar
Folk Classification Oosparite
Dunham Classification Oolitic Grainstone
Common Grains Ooids, & crinoid ossicles
Sorting Good
Rounding Good
Micritization & envelopes Most grains
Cement & diagenetic fabric Bladed calcite rims and equant spar
Porosity Dense
Depositional Setting Open marine high energy shoal water
Diagenetic history Cemented by vadose freshwater calcite leached from the original aragonite grains

The isopachus rim cements are related to inital freshwater cements dissolved from original aragonite and calcite. The radial calcite ooids accumulated adjacent to the tidal channel seen in outcrop on Rt 64 close to Carter Caves in Kentucky. Note ooid nulceae of crinoid ossicles and echinoid spines. There appear to be a few botryoidal grains enclosed by radial ooid coating. Darkened spots within bioclastic layers are cyanobacteria colonies that cause local micritization. Some grains may have been bored by sponges.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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