Radial Calcitic Ooids - Geometric & Layered Packing - Carboniferous (O/22/Carb/Aust)

2.5 cross nicols
10x wave plate
2.5 wave plate
Outstanding feature Well sorted and loosely layered packed radial ooids & equant spar
Folk Classification Well sorted radial ooidsparite
Dunham Classification Radial oograinstone
Common Grains Ooids
Sorting Well sorted
Rounding Well rounded
Micritization & envelopes Some micritizaton of ooids
Cement & diagenetic fabric Some of radial calcite in ooids extends into spar cement matrix
Porosity Dense
Depositional Setting High energy shoal
Diagenetic history Late calcite crystals emplacement

Striking layering of ooid grains that appears related to compaction. The ooids are floating in a spar cement.
Some of radial crystal fabric ooid grains extends out from the ooids into the equant spar cement but this is not common.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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