Interpenetrating Radial Ooids - Echinoid Overgrowths - Mississippian (O/26/Miss/Col)

2.5 cross nicols
5x cross nicol
2.5 wave plate
5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Loosely packed interpenetrating high oomicrite, echinoids with overgrowths
Folk Classification Poorly washed oomicrite with echinoids
Dunham Classification Oopackstone
Common Grains Ooids and echioid fragments
Sorting Bimodal sortingof sand & silt sizes
Rounding Well rounded
Micritization & envelopes Common micritizaton of grains
Cement & diagenetic fabric Calcite overgrowths on echinoids
Porosity Dense
Depositional Setting High energy shoreline
Diagenetic history Larger calcite crystals on echinoids

Radial high energy ooid grains. Note the fine carbonate silt to fine sand matrex supporting the ooids. Also note the calcite overgrowths on the echinoid fragments.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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