Radial Calcitic Ooids - Cerebroid Disolution of Surface by Algae (O/27/)

Outstanding feature Radial cerebroid ooids
Folk Classification Well sorted oosparite
Dunham Classification Well sorted oograinstone
Common Grains Cerebroid ooids
Sorting Well sorted
Rounding Well rounded
Micritization & envelopes Some micritized borings into radial fabric
Cement & diagenetic fabric Thin equant rims and final spar fill
Porosity Intercrystalline
Depositional Setting High energy but restricted shoal
Diagenetic history Potetially a marine rim replace by equant calcite with a final equant spar fill

Well preserved cerebroid calcitic ooid grains that accumulated on restricted shoals. Intitial isopachus rim cements may be after marine rims. Later these rimmed cements have undergone alteration to calcite with freshwater leaching. The final void fill cementation was by low magnesian calcite spar. The carbonate of the cement was probably derived from earlier aragonitic material.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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