Ooids Replaced by Chert - Ordovician (O/41/Ord/Pa)

10x wave plate
2.5 cross nicols
5x cross nicol
10x wave plate
2.5 wave plate
5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Chert replaces radial ooids & fibrous cement
Folk Classification Chertified Oosparite
Dunham Classification Chertified Oograinstone
Common Grains Ooids
Sorting Well Rounded
Rounding Well Sorted
Micritization & envelopes Grains at nucleae have micrite envelopes
Cement & diagenetic fabric Almost complete replacement by chert
Porosity 1% intercrystalline
Depositional Setting High energy shoal
Diagenetic history Complete chertification of ooid cortex & cement

Striking replacement of radial calcitic ooid cortex concentricly layered about nucleae of both an mozaic of equant authogenic quartz and larger original felspar and quartz grains. 

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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