Ooids being Micritized to Form Pelloids - Holocene (Pel/1)

Outstanding feature Ooids, micritized bioclasts.
Folk Classification Ooids
Dunham Classification Ooids
Common Grains Ooids & micritized bioclasts
Sorting Well sorted
Rounding Well rounded
Micritization & envelopes Some alteration of margins of bioclasts
Cement & diagenetic fabric n/a
Porosity n/a
Depositional Setting Margin of high energy shoal
Diagenetic history Ooids being altered by blue-green algae

This is a typical fine grained oolitic sediment that accumulated at the marign of a high energy ebb tidal delta shoal, that is also the site of the accumulation of bioclast fragments.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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