Skeletal - Calcareous Algae - Green Calcareous Algae (Al/7/Penn/Ariz)

2.5x cross nicols
2.5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Abundant algal plates
Folk Classification Algal plate biosparite
Dunham Classification Algal plate grainstone
Common Grains Calcareous algal plates
Sorting Poorly sorted
Rounding No rounding
Micritization & envelopes Micrite binds the algal layers
Cement & diagenetic fabric Cement is spar filling empty spaces and rimming grains
Porosity Approximately 30%
Depositional Setting Probable high-energy beach
Diagenetic history Exposed to freshwater diagenesis

A collection of abundant algal plates who's internal pores are still visible. The algal plates are heaped upon each other and are enclosed by thin bladed crusts. Most of the final porosity is filled by equant spar, though there is some porosity that remains unfilled. From the J Harlan Johnson Collection.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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