Skeletal - Calcareous Algae - Cyanobacteria (Al/10/Eo/Wy)

5x cross nicols
Outstanding feature Coarsely crystalline algal laminations
Folk Classification Coarsely recrystallized laminated algal micrite
Dunham Classification Laminated algal wackestone
Common Grains Micrite and algal laminations
Sorting None
Rounding None
Micritization & envelopes Micrite recrystallized to coarse calcite spar
Cement & diagenetic fabric Recrystallized
Porosity Leached post-depositional porosity
Depositional Setting Algal flat along shore of Eocene Green River lake
Diagenetic history Freshwater digenesis has altered micritic fabric to coarsely crystalline calcite spar

Irregularly laminated crenulated surfaces of cyanobacteria of from the shore of the Green River Formation Lake have trapped sediments beneath their surface and the material has been progressively recrystallized. Recrystallization appears to become coarser away from the algal surface. Locally porosity has been filled by calcite coarse calcite spar. The leached fabric of the rock can be identified by the irregular margins to the cavities. Some of these cavities are free of calcite spar. supratidal setting.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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