Skeletal - Calcareous Algae - Cyanobacteria (Al/13/Hol/Bah)

Outstanding feature Ooids trapped & cemented within capillary crust
Folk Classification Oomicrite with high porosity
Dunham Classification Supratidal crust of ograinstone & oolitic packstone
Common Grains Oolites, and pelecypods
Sorting Ooids well sorted but sorting is bi-modal & micrite is enclosing these grains
Rounding Ooids are rounded
Micritization & envelopes None
Cement & diagenetic fabric Grains are cemented as they are washed onto supratidal crust
Porosity Approximately 45% intra-particle & some inter-particle leaching
Depositional Setting Supratidal tidal crust on leeside of oolite shoal
Diagenetic history Cemented by upwelling capillary waters

Cemented crusts from the supratidal area west of Joulters Cay, a small island accreting in the northeast corner of the western arm of the Great Bahamas Bank

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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