Ooids & bioclasts with meniscus micrite cement (B/153/Hol/Aust)

2.5 cross nicols
5x cross nicol
Outstanding feature Could be called an oolitic rock
Folk Classification Bio sparite
Dunham Classification Bioclastic grain stone
Common Grains None
Sorting well sorted foraminifera
Rounding oolites well rounded grains
Micritization & envelopes few micritic envelopes mainly oolitic sheaths on grains local poorly developed micritic cements binding this rock however if there are spar cements they are very, very fine grained in fact most of the cement appears to be micrite at points of contact are maniacs cements also
Cement & diagenetic fabric None
Porosity close to 40%
Depositional Setting high energy the bimodal sorting with large pelecypods fragments and the small grains suggests that the small grins are being deposited into a lower energy environments there are abundant foraminifera, oolites and the foraminifera in different stages of oolatizeation and micratizion some are fresh some have been altered there are also romes of dolomite forming the nuclei of some of the oolites
Diagenetic history None

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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