Dolomite ( Dol-/1/Ord/Ten )

2.5x cross nicols
2.5x wave plate
5x cross nicols
10x cross nicol
Outstanding feature Crystalline dolomite mozaic
Folk Classification Dolomite rhomb mozaic
Dunham Classification Dolomite rhomb mozaic
Common Grains Dolomite rhombs and equant calcite
Sorting Bimodal crystal size
Rounding Angular rhombs
Micritization & envelopes None
Cement & diagenetic fabric Complete replacement of original fabric by dolomite
Porosity None
Depositional Setting Unknown
Diagenetic history Complete dolomitization of original fabric
Striking equant bimodal crystals of authogenic dolomite. Note sparse calcite fill of areas between the dolomite rhombs.

Friday, March 27, 2020
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