Dolomite ( Dol-/5/Jur/Ala )

2.5x wave plate
5x wave plate
10x wave plate
Outstanding feature Crystalline dolomite mozaic & intercrystalline porosity
Folk Classification Dolomite pelsparite
Dunham Classification Dolomite pelleted packstone
Common Grains Dolomite rhombs
Sorting Fairly uniform crystal size
Rounding Angular rhombs
Micritization & envelopes Ghosts
Cement & diagenetic fabric Almost complete replacement of original fabric by dolomite
Porosity 5% Intercrystalline
Depositional Setting Low energy lagoon or tidal flat
Diagenetic history Dolomitization of pelleted fabric
Striking intercrystalline porosity (now filled by blue epoxey) and ghosts of original grains..

Friday, March 27, 2020
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