Dolomite ( Dol-/12/Pm/Tx )

5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Dolomitized micritic fabric replaces pelloids and intraclasts. Some circular dasyclad algal plates.
Folk Classification Dolomitized Pelsparite or Intrasparite
Dunham Classification Dolomitized Pelgrainstone or Intraclastic Grainstone
Common Grains Pelloids and/or intraclastst cemented by dolomite spar
Sorting Biomodal but well sorted
Rounding Rounded
Micritization & envelopes Grains are peloids or intraclasts with micrite envelopes
Cement & diagenetic fabric Complete replacement of pelloids and intraclasts by dolomite
Porosity 5-10% Interparticle
Depositional Setting Moderate energy shoal
Diagenetic history Complete dolomitization of pelloids &/or intraclasts & cement
Striking replacement of either pelloids or intraclasts and micrite envelopes by micrite sized authogenic dolomite.There are the remains of what appears to be Dasyclad algal plates. Note sparse interparticle porosity.

Friday, March 27, 2020
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