Neomorphosed Carbonate ( N/1/Pm/NMx )

2.5x cross nicols
2.5x wave plate
5x cross nicols
5x wave plate
Outstanding feature Fine grained equant calcite crystals replace micrite matrix
Folk Classification Sparsely fosilliferous porous pelmicrite
Dunham Classification Sparsely fosilliferous porous pelpackstone
Common Grains Pelloids or calcite lathes from broken bioclasts
Sorting Poorly sorted
Rounding Rounded
Micritization & envelopes Grains are peloids or ooids and micrite envelopes
Cement & diagenetic fabric Complete replacement of pelloids and calcite by equant calcite
Porosity 5% Leached Intrapartical
Depositional Setting Low energy shoal
Diagenetic history Recrystallized micrite & leached fossil bioclasts
Striking recrystallization of micrite with grain growth mozaic and seperate clear equant authogenic calcite. This is the grain growth or neomorphism of Folk. Note inverted photograph (5x images) of cavity whose upper portion is filled by calcite spar and whose floor is covered by silt sized carbonate crystals. The roof of the cavity (now the lower part of cavity)appears to be been eroded and collapsed producing the intergitate irregular margin, while the floor (the upper part of the cavity) is smoother, a product of sediment fill.

Thursday, November 11, 2021
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