Pelloid Ghosts - Cemented Capillary crust of Algal Mat (Mic/2/Hol/Bah)

Outstanding feature Micrite peloids, with dispersed fine grained thin bioclastic fragments & fenestral voids
Folk Classification Fossiliferous pelmicrite
Dunham Classification Pellet wackestone
Common Grains Pelloids and fine grain skeletal grains
Sorting Moderately sorted grains in micrite 
Rounding  Local rounding
Micritization & envelopes  None to be seen. Probably obscured by micrite
Cement & diagenetic fabric Micrite
Porosity  10% in fenestral voids
Depositional Setting Low energy supratidal capillary crust
Diagenetic history Cemented by carbonate precipitated at the top of the capillary zone

This is a fairly typical supratidal crust developed through the cementation of the surface sediments by micrite. These sediments include pellets and bioclastic material. They accumulated in a low energy supratidal restricted setting where evaporation of the water in the capillary zone has caused the cementation..

Tuesday, April 28, 2020
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