Neomorphosed Carbonate ( N/17/Pen/NMX )

Outstanding feature Micrite supported cavity with some algal plates and voids filled by a mozaic of calcite spar
Folk Classification Porous algal mound with cavities filled by calcite spar
Dunham Classification Porous algal boundstone with cavities filled by calcite spar
Common Grains Ivanovea algal plates
Sorting Not applicable
Rounding Not applicable
Micritization & envelopes Micitic matrix
Cement & diagenetic fabric Equant calcite spar filling cavities beneath micrite supported cavity
Porosity 20% leached spar in cavities
Depositional Setting Moderate energy algal mound shoal
Diagenetic history Early calcite fill of cavites beneath micrite and algal plates
Equant calcite mozaic filling voids beneath micrite and Ivanovia algal plates.

Monday, March 29, 2021
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