This new area of the site focuses on Clastic Sedimentary stratigraphy for the SEPM strata site.  A tentative organizational hierarchy of this portion of the site might be populated by materials dealing with:
  • Clastic Classification
  • Clastic Facies
  • Clastic sedimentary structures
  • Clastic sequences
  • Tectonic Controls on Clastics
  • Clastic Plays
  • Clastic Diagenesis and porosity
  • Clastic and Petrology Links
  • Clastic Thin Sections
  • Glossary of Clastics
  • Clastic Acknowledgements
To this end we are soliciting contributions from SEPM members and other geologists with an interest in Clastic Sedimentary stratigraphy who are interested to contribute materials that can be used by geoscience students, professionals in academia, government organizations and industry. Instructional materials, course outlines and notes and Power Point presentations are welcomed. SEPM are also are interested in materials that deal with concepts in clastic sedimentology which would be of interest to undergraduates or post-graduates; results of symposia, conferences, and meetings; compilations of maps, sedimentary structures, petrographic and diagenetic features, facies, etc.; field trip guides; etc., etc,.

Materials at SEPM strata can be used (unless the material is specifically excluded) under the Creative Commons license:

The content of this portion of the site is overseen by an editorial board representing academic and industry under the Chief Editor, Christopher Kendall.
Tuesday, March 26, 2013
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