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This page lists some of the literature (some with attached .pdf files) written about the Upper Miocene of the Islands of Mallorca and Menorca, its carbonate sedimentary record and sequence stratigraphic character in response to base level change. These papers were used to build the section on the the SEPM sequence Stratigraphic web site introducing students and others working with the high frequency sequence stratigraphic signal of carbonates from outcrops and to help solve the problems presented in the associated exercises.

Pomar, L. (1993), High-resolution sequence stratigraphy in Prograding carbonates: Application to Seismic Interpretation. Chapter 15; in carbonate sequence stratigraphy: Recent Advances and Applications, Edited by: B. Louks and R. J. Sarg, A.A .P.G. Memoir 57, 545 pp.

Pomar, L. (2001), Types of carbonate Platforms: A Genetic Approach, Geologie Mediterraneennne, 28:139-143.

Pomar, L. & Ward, W.C. (1994), Response of a Miocene carbonate platform to high-frequency eustasy. Geology, 22:131-134.

Pomar, L. & Ward, W.C. (1995), Sea-level changes, carbonate production and platform architecture: the Llucmajor Platform, Mallorca, Spain. In: Haq, B.U. (Ed.), sequence stratigraphy and Depositional Response to eustatic, Tectonic and Climatic Forcing. Kluwer Academic Press, Dordrecht, pp. 87-112.

Pomar, L., & Ward, W. C. (1999), Reservoir-Scale Heterogeneity in Depositional Packages and Diagenetic Patterns on a reef-rimmed platform, Upper Miocene, Mallorca, Spain, American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin; 83: 1759-1773.

Pomar, L., Obrador, A. & Westphal, H. (2002), Sub-wavebase cross-Bedded grainstones on a distally steepened carbonate ramp, upper Miocene, Menorca, Spain. Sedimentology, 49: 139-169

Robledo, P. & Pomar, L., (2000). The karst collapse structures in the Upper Miocene of the East coast of Mallorca: genetic model, pp. 107-112 in: Onac, B. P. & Tamas, T. eds.: karst Studies and Problems: 2000 and Beyond; Proceedings of the joint meeting Friends of karst, Theoretical and Applied Karstology, and IGCP 448

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