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NB QuickTime is supported by Apple for the Mac, but Apple no longer provides security updates for QuickTime for Windows, so this software is vulnerable to exploitation by hackers if QuickTime movies are viewed in the Windows environment.

For SEPM Strata visitors using Windows machines, all the QuickTime movies on the website have been uploaded to and can be viewed on YouTube SepmStrata. Alternatively Quick Time *.mov files on Strata can be uploaded to your Windows machine and viewed with VLC. This is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player and framework that plays most multimedia files.

The best way to view the YouTube movie frames is to first click the pause symbol on the control bar and then use the mouse to grab the thumb (red circle) on the red seekbar (this tracks the progress of the movie) and move the thumb back and forth to chosen frames and so gain a better understanding of the evolving sedimentary geometries.

In contrast the best way to view the Quicktime movies and control their motion is to use the arrow keys on your keyboard.

  • The left arrow will step the film back
  • The right arrow will run it forward

On site links to explanations of movies First scene image of movie Link to YouTube Movie Link to QuickMovie
Intro to sequence stratigraphy varying sea level, sediment geometry & system tract position.
Basic "Vail sequence" Clastic Fill of a Sedimentary basin
Evolving sedimentary geometries and cross section with changing base level. 3D perspective added by hand.

Two-sided Clastic Fill of a Sedimentary Basin.
Technique tying well logs to interpret clastic sedimentation on coast with valley incision.
Well logs reveal evolving clastic sequence with valley incision subdivided into systems tracts.

Chronostratigraphic chart created in an exercise based on one by Jerry Baum.

Baum's Chronostratigraphic Exercise as a movie.
Chronostratigraphic exercise cross-section illustrated above but here in 3D perspective and detail of clastic response to varying sea level.
Systems Tract Evolution.
Complete well log cross section used in carbonate sequence stratigraphic interpretation.
Carbonate well log of four of wells interpreted in exercises. grain size changes identified from logs and cores, establish cycle boundaries.
Upper Miocene platform, Mallorca, Spain responding to changing sea level, annotated as a guide to the movie and exercises on the site.
Upper Miocene platform, Mallorca, Spain responding to changing sea level without annotation linked with exercises on the site
Upper Jurassic Tuwaiq Mt to Arab fill of Central Arabian Intrashelf Basin, from the well cross section just south of Rimthan Arch beneath borders of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
Streaming Lecture on Sequence Stratigraphy of evolving sediment geometry with Relative Sea Level Change.

For RealPlayer click (download).


Streaming Lecture on Sequence Stratigraphy of
Evolving Sediment Geometry with Relative Sea Level Change.

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