Canning Basin

Devonian Reef Complexes of Western Australia

Diagrams and photographs illustrating the geology of the Canning basin Devonian Reef Complexes of Western Australia. Most photographs are by Christopher Kendall from a field trip lead by Phil Playford for the Geological Society of Australia in 1981. Nearly all the diagrams are by Phil Playford. The rocks were colleced in the field by Chris Kendall and Noel James, and slabbed and thin sectioned by Noel James. The localities of the gallery can be found in the 1981 Field Excursion Guidebook of the Fifth Australian Geological Convention.
Windjana Gorge Dingo Gap Elimberrie Bioherms Geikie Gorge Reef Knolls and Hills McWhae Ridge and Bugle Gap

Click on the hot spots on this image map of the Canning Basin for access to galleries of the indicated localities.

Monday, October 28, 2013
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