Florida Carbonates

Field Photographs of  the Holocene and Pleistocene carbonates of Florida

This page links to galleries of images taken by a variety of scientists including the compiler of this gallery of Holocene and Pleistocene carbonates of Florida, Christopher Kendall. Where information of the photographer or the illustrator who created the maps and cross sections are known, these are indicated on or beside the image. There are also a number of spectacular photographic images taken from outer space that have been downloaded from NASA.

Image Gallery

This gallery of images focuses on the geology of Florida Keys. It comes in two parts.

Click on appropriate image to access reefs or Pleistocene.

One gallery displays the reefs to seaward of the Keys including the famous linear trend of Acropora Reefs with their spur and groove fabrics that rim the Straights of Florida; the Patch Reefs on the Florida Platform between the linear rim of seaward margin reefs and the Florida Keys; and the nearshore Rodriguez Key Porites Reefs just east and offshore from the Key Largo. It also includes Florida Bay mangrove swamps, some of their Keys and banks.

The second provides photographs of Pleistocene carbonates from localities that include the ancient reefs of Windley Key Quarry reefs and various outcrops of the Miami Oolite, within Miami and just to its south. The gallery includes maps that locate the galleries on their appropriate pages. The photographs can be viewed by clicking on the images in the tables below that are beside the listed localities or the highlighted text. Note that many of these photographs were taken some years ago and you will notice the many of the reefs are no longer so luxurious!


Monday, October 28, 2013
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